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Like any other error that originates from a specific program, un-installing it might help. If the program is something that you are still using, you may re-install it. However, if same problem occur, it is most likely that the program is faulty.
Using the tool Msconfig file might also help.

This process, as provided my Microsoft allows the user to re-configure which programs to load upon start-up. This is facilitated by clicking the start button, select run and type Msconfig file. This tool can assist you in manually setting up your preference.

A registry cleaner can be the ultimate help you can get to solve your problem. The registry cleaner will scan your system to look for outdated, invalid and erroneous entry. After scanning, the cleaner will remove all traces of it that unclogs the system. This cleaner is easy to use and only requires minimal participation from the user. No technical know-how is essential to use this as this is idiot-proof and so easy to use.

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