Exopolitics & Crop Circles with Robert Nichol

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On October 24-25, 2007, an obscure comet known as "17P Holmes" suddenly outburst or exploded between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Astronomers still have no good idea why that happened, because most comets outburst when they approach the heat of the Sun. In any case, many of us who are familiar with the crop-messaging phenomenon saw immediately that newly-taken photographs of that comet matched a famous crop picture that had appeared at Garsington near Oxford two years earlier on July 15, 2005"


WHO: Remy Chevalier founded the Eco-Saloon at the environmental nightclub Wetlands in 1989. He's the editor-at-large and webmaster for Electrifying Times, a magazine dedicated to electric vehicles on newsstands since 1993. An investigative journalist and researcher, Remy contributes to dozens of blogs and magazines. With 30 years of experience as a music promoter, event organizer and environmental activist, Remy created the Rock The Reactors [ www.rockthereactors.com ] campaign in April 2006 to bring national attention to the fight to shut down Indian Point using viral marketing techniques, securing the participation of dozens of green product sponsors. The Bruised Apple in Peekskill has dedicated an entire section of their bookshop to Remy's Environmental Library Fund.

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