Special:Earl Fulford speaks out about Roswell UFO!

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On the 10th February we had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Earl Fulford, a first hand witness to the infamous 'Roswell Incident', now 82 years of age. In July 1947 he was stationed at what was then called the Roswell Army Air Field. (RAAF) He was a Staff Sergeant with a Top Secret clearance and served with the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron. (AES)

In this exclusive interview Earl describes the events that occurred on that fateful day as he personally experienced them. He also provides extensive details regarding his background and military career.

The Roswell UFO crash of 1947 has become one of the most significant incidents of the 20th Century. It has perhaps become engraved in the pubic psyche as much as the Kennedy Assassinations, Marilyn Monroe and even the moon landings. Whatever your 'beliefs' on Roswell - one thing is assured, you almost certainly know what is alleged to have happened there back in 1947. There has been so much literature on the subject, that it would be impossible to give a full reference cite in this one short article. But before we introduce our 'witness' to Roswell - and his exclusive evidence - here's the 'Roswell' story in 'elevator mode'

On July 8th, 1947 - Colonel Blanchard released a press statement that a 'flying saucer' had crashed near Roswell and the army had recovered the 'disc'. Some time later, the press release was retracted and the army said that it was just a weather balloon. Out of the public eye - the Roswell Incident' faded and dispersed into the corners of UFOlogy - not surfacing until 1978 when Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel - who was involved in the recovery of the crash debris - and the whole issue of Roswell simply caught fire. And this fire has raged ever since. There are credible accounts of recovered non-human entities and materials of an apparent 'non terrestrial origin. Roswell became synonymous with the term 'cover-up' and soon became the symbol and 'core' of much ufology. It touched a 'nerve' - in the public psyche, and, it seems, within deep United States Government agencies.

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