Alien and UFO Radio with AlienPhotog 2 24 2010

Airdate 2/24/2010

AlienPhotog hosts is premiere show on Party 93.4

This show can be heard live weekly, on Wednesday mornings, between 4-6 AM Eastern Standard Time on around the world!

AlienPhotog is an alien contactee who loves talking about anything having to do with well ... Aliens!! AlienPhotog became known for doing this by posting increadible UFO videos that he took on youtube and then speaking of his experiences candidly on the same platform. Over a quarter of a million youtube viws as of the air date!!

This weeks guest is Alison Kruse, known to youtubers as seeingufospa who has videotaped a tremendous amount of video of UFOs in her area of the United States.

Covered this week on the show: Alison Kruse interview, AlienPhotogs story, What you can expect from the show, Questions from the SpaceChickens


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