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The Secrets of Jesus Christ

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  • uploaded: Apr 7, 2010
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the most controversial subjects in the world. Did Jesus actually exist, or was he a mythical figure?

For nearly two thousand years, scholars and historians have pointed to the astonishing fact that Jesus' life-story is almost identical to much older fables about the life, death and resurrection of the pagan fertility-god of the Mystery Religions - the Mystery Hero. The similarities are so striking as to have caused many people to not only doubt Jesus' historicity, but to accuse the apostles and the early Christian leaders of making his whole story up.

Contrary to popular belief, the controversy didn't erupt in the last century or two but actually had its origin at the very beginning of the Christian era, when the very apostles of Jesus Christ were accused of plagiarism. In the Biblical book of Peter we hear the apostle himself rejecting his accusers:

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  • Llwydanwyl#

    Llwydanwyl December 7, 2010 11:10:31 PM CET

    hi, this is a bit negative actually, but I'm not too sure you're pronouncing the word Christian properly, because a few times I thought you were saying Krishna, which confused me and slightly irritated me because it's definitely got three syllables, not two (:

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot May 22, 2010 4:10:06 PM CEST

    There is little doubt that Jesus engineered his life... at least the last three years of it. He intentionally did things and put himself in positions so that it would be seen as fulfilling prophesies in Jewish traditions. I believe that Jesus wished to be seen as the Jewish messiah and undoubtedly thought he was as well. A careful reading of the New Testament and understanding of the Old Testament and some other Jewish holy writings in existence at the time makes one of two things very clear. A) Christ was in fact the fulfillment of Jewish prophesy regarding the messiah or, B) He intentionally and carefully engineered hundreds of events to be seen as fulfillment of prophesy regarding the messiah.

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot May 22, 2010 4:09:44 PM CEST

    From the triumphant entering of Jerusalem riding on a young colt (a prophesied event by the messiah), it was clear that a sizeable population of Jerusalem had begun to consider the possibility that he was as well. Of course it is possible that not only had he engineered the colt being ready for him, he had also engineered his reception, perhaps paying those people who paved the road ahead of him with palm fronds and cheered. He had foreknowledge of his capture and persecution prior to it happening because he had engineered it too. I believe that Judas was in fact the individual that Christ used to engineer many these prophetic events. For exam[le, at the last supper, Jesus knew who was to hand him over to authorities. He told him to do what he had to do, and when Judas turned him over for thirty pieces of silver (another engineered prophetic event) he did so with a loving kiss and said "Raboni" or Master. He was not a traitor as the church has taught, but Christ's most trusted and loyal follower, lovingly carrying out the instructions of his master so that prophesy would be fulfilled and the messiah would save Israel.

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot May 22, 2010 4:09:24 PM CEST

    In the end, it all turned out rather badly. God did not spare him from death as he expected. Evidence of this is given when Christ says from the cross, "Father why has thou forsaken me?" before dying. Under one scenario, Judas takes the body of Christ as he had been ordered and secrets it away. When his Lord does not resurrect as predicted in three days, he hangs himself. Under a slightly more far-fetched but still possible scenario, Christ actually fakes his death, is secreted away and recovers to appear latter to his followers. Whatever the actual truth and motivation of Jesus, he ultimately was enormously successful, and in ways he could not have foreseen. Two thousand years later he still has millions of believers from all over the World who not only believe that he was the messiah, but the son of God and even God himself. These last two likely would have been seen as blasphemy by Christ himself. On the other hand, Christianity is a beautiful religion concerned with loving others, selflessness and helping those in need. All of these are things that Jesus taught and would wholeheartedly have approved of... perhaps he was more than just a man!!!

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