David Sereda - The Voice & Spiritual Science

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Mar 16, 2008
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We are joined by filmmaker and researcher David Sereda, who is behind the films "Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's", "From here to Andromeda" and his latest one is called "The Voice". We begin to talk about David's meditation experiences, spirituality, science and the nine spheres or rings of existence or creation. Topics Discussed: The chakra system of the human body, consciousness as the underlying fabric or field of space, the Matrix, Maya - the illusion, the economic system, religion, the soul, light, space travel, contacting E.T., the interesting properties of water (hydrogen & oxygen) and how it relates to consciousness, Quantum Physics, Einstein, relativity, frequency, polarity and singularity, the global consciousness project, the invisible realm and much more. Join us for our fascinating subscriber interview with David Sereda as we further explore the topics of the invisible, 2012, Da Vinci, Mona Lisa's Secret, "Holy" Bloodlines, film work and much more.

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