Alan Watt -Cutting through the Matrix-July 9, 2010

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Save the Planet--Can It: Propaganda Ensures, When Taxed You're Feeling
Good for "Green" Managers Who do the Stealing: "Income, Property Taxes, GST, VAT and Eco Fees To Ensure Great Unwashed are On Their Knees, There Will be no Disposable Income at End of Week In this Post-Consumer Society which They Seek, Yes, Fees, Fines and Levies are Consolation, 'Cos no Money to Consume is Saving the Nation,
Strange Though, Our Master Class Live so High, Still, They Must be Allowed a Piece of the Pie For Saving We Morons, It's for Our Own Good, We can Surely Sacrifice Heating, Nutritious Food,
Yes, We Sacrifice so the Fittest Go On it Seems, Their Manifest Destiny, To Fulfill Their Dreams, And All Their Success Goes Back to Darwin Who Validated Aristocracy, why Peasant's Starvin', Was All in the Way Nature Runs this Place, To Ensure the Survival of the Super Race".



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