Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show - June 22, 2010

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(Originally Aired Live: June 22, 2010 on Genesis Communications Network)
Crisis Used to Further Sustainability/Greening/Carbon Tax Agenda - Rising Food Prices, Food Shortages and Rationing - Public to Serve in New Feudal System - Order out of Created Chaos, No Generation Allowed Peace - Institutionalized Sadomasochistic Society, Worship of Power and Authority, the "Winner". Project for the New American Century, Attack Plan for Afghanistan/Iraq/Iran Syria, Need for Event on Scale of Pearl Harbor - Oil Spill in Gulf, Excuse to Start Limiting Energy Use etc. - Schizophrenic-Surrealistic News, Apathy Creation, Psychological Warfare - EU Carbon Trading Racket, Fee-based System - Mandated Mass Immigration into West - Last Memory of Rights and Freedom in U.S. - Segregation of Society into Haves and Have-Nots - Elimination of the Middle Class - Management by Scientific Elite - Government Must be Taught They Serve the People. Divide and Conquer, Infiltration of Catholic Church and Protestantism - Programming through Television, Creation of Sex Obsession/Addiction and New Normals - Government-Paid Scriptwriters/Novelists - Electric Smart Meters, Monitoring and Cut-off when Quota Exceeded - Canadian-Funded Reactors for China, and more.



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