Marko Rodin - Vortex Based Mathematics Revolution

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Mar 16, 2008
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Marko Rodin joins us to discuss his "Vortex Based Mathematics", his system of math, the findings in his research, the Rodin Coil and the obstacles and difficulties promoting the research. Topics Discussed: Toroids, Magnetic Fields, Torso, Coils, Energy, Manifolds, Prime numbers, Numerology, Decimal System, What is the Rodin Coil? Underpinning Nested Vortices, Genetics, IBEX, Markos contact with people within defence and genetics/medicine, Marko's "strange encounter" with Jonas Salk, Words and "Breadcrumbs" or "Hints" and much more. We continue discussion with Marko Rodin in our Subscriber Section and talk more about Genetics, DNA, Disease, Spirituality, Quantum Mechanics and the Nine, Ennead and Enneagram.

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