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Joe Jordan: Stopping Alien Abductions

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Written by David Cunningham
Tuesday, 09 February 2010

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Joe Jordan — Stopping Alien Abductions
February 7th, 2010

THE WORLD is more like The X-Files than most people would like to believe. Of course, coming from Hollywood, The X-Files didn’t present the whole story behind UFOs and alien abductions.

Joe Jordan is the President and co-founder of CE4 Research Group, an alien abduction investigation and research team based out of Cocoa, Florida. Joe has been a Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator since 1992. He’s been a guest speaker at six Roswell UFO Festivals in Roswell, New Mexico, including the 60th Anniversary Conference in 2007, and he hosted the official Roswell UFO Festival Conference in 2008.

Joe is the co-author with David Ruffino of the forthcoming book Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, Where It Originates and How It Stops. We discussed his research into the phenomenon, where the “aliens” really come from, and how contactees and experiencers can make them go away.

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