Andy Lloyd - Dark Star, Evidence for Planet X

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Mar 16, 2008
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We're joined by Scientist, Research and Author Andy Lloyd to talk about his Book: Dark Star - Evidence for Planet X. Topics Discussed: Zacharia Sitchin, Planet X Research, The Science behind the Dark Star, A surprising Force in our Solar System, The Object Emits Heat and Light, The Dark Star may have Planets Orbiting it with Life, New Findings, Jupiter as a "failed" Star, Velikovsky, Binary Star Systems or Dual Suns, Brown Dwarfs, The Orbit of the Dark Star, Where is it Now? Sagittarius and the Center of the Galaxy, Searching in the Infra Red Spectrum, Vatican Observatory, Mythologies about the Dark Star, Was Planet X destroyed: Evidence for this is in the Gap between Mars and Jupiter; the Asteroid belt? And Much More. Don't miss our Subscriber interview with Andy on Freemasonic Symbolism, Alchemical Art Work in connection to the Dark Star, The Return of the Gods and the Origins of the Rosicrucian's, 2012 and the End of the Age.

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