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The UFO Nuke Connection


Scarier than any ghost story, author Robert Hastings describes his research that indicates aliens have not only been observing ICBM sites actively over the last several decades, but that they have also remotely tampered with missile operations. He also provides his theory on why extraterrestrials are so interested in man’s flirtation with the nuclear genie.

You can learn more about Robert’s work and his book at his site: UFOHastings.com

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  • Mshowle#

    Mshowle February 8, 2011 5:35:16 AM CET

    a nuclear strike on a herd of cattle might get pinned on an E.T., but i would have to say that once a Nuke was dropped on another city with nuclear weapons, we'd see the great "Nuclear Winter". i'm no war monger, but maybe we need a fallout. maybe mankind needs to be endangered. how else will we all truly appreciate what we have? it would only open the door to enlightenment.

  • Caaron#

    Caaron December 23, 2010 4:44:51 AM CET

    Will a nuclear strike on a major city be blamed on extraterrestrials?

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