Lyn Buchanan: Remote Viewing & Ufo Crashes

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Dec 9, 2010
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Some say there were four UFO Crashes in New Mexico within a year's time between 1947 and '48 and one of those crashes occurred in the Four Corners area of the state not far from Los Alamos, at a place called Aztec.
The crash was supposed to be of a larger craft than Roswell's and more ETs were involved. Lyn Buchanan, a well known remote viewer tasked 11 remote viewers to see if they could validate the crash. Surprisingly results were released this month at the 13th annual Aztec Symposium. Jerry first talks to Special Correspondent Janet Sailor who reports on the presentation as given by Buchanan and then Jerry talks with him about remote viewing in general and specifically how he got involved and how it impacted his life. Oh, the consensus is that it did happen and the USG shot at least one ET on the spot and it is believed there were survivors.

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