Chris Morris - Blue Jam

  • Uploaded by Cosmonaut on Mar 31, 2011
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Media terrorist Chris Morris coming in your ears. Yes DTV its time to unwrap your brains and drift away to some monged-out ambient stupid.

On London's GLR, the highlight of Morris' Saturday morning show was The Sock Game, a phone-in quiz that could only be played by children under ten with socks in their mouths. The final question of every game, whose answer always had to be repeated by the child at least five times, was "You can't teach your grandmother to what eggs?" As an excuse to get children to say "fuck" on daytime radio, it's never been surpassed. After an hour everything will be a lot clearer or muddier.

This is the first ever episode and CONTAINS MATERIAL OF AN ADULT NATURE.

This way kids ;-)

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