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This article "will attempt here to give you some basics that have been kept from you so that you can first recognize what has been done to you and why, and then understand what has been done for you to begin correcting it; paving the way for you to reclaim your life, your liberty and your pursuit of happiness. In short, to repossess that which our founding fathers guaranteed to you when they penned our founding documents, your God given, unalienable rights."


From this website above, this audio is a podcast unrelated to the article. The article above will blow you away (if you never knew this before). This article explains in detail what William Cooper has told us regarding the United States a corporation, the Constitution FOR the United States of America. Please read.

Guests were Chief Justice; Ken Cousins, Ambassador; Chief Republic Ranger; Rick Winer, Senator; David Rucker. Discussions were on foreclosure and home remedies.

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