David Wilcock - Spiritual Transformation

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jun 2, 2008
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Speaker, filmmaker, spiritual and science researcher David Wilcock from divinecosmos.com joins us to discuss everything from spiritual transformation, 2012, future positive outlook to politics and how bad things turn good as we continue on the path towards great change and awakening. Topics discussed: Lectures, communication, IQ, the Flynn Effect, consciousness, the brain, DNA Changes, genetics, the soul, a positive view on current events: Oil, food, economy and the political game between Obama & Hillary. We also discuss the Illuminati, their control and the power struggle, Bloodlines, mutations, natural vs. unnatural genetic changes, GMO, Project Looking Glass, S4 and the insider talking about cloning dogs and the outcome of that experiment. We also talk about stress and meditation. Join us as we continue our fascinating discussion with David Wilcock in our members section. We'll dive into his presentation "the 2012 enigma" and talk about everything from Pine Cone symbolism, the Vatican, Mars, religion, knowledge, the pineal gland, the third eye to transformation, the power of the web and much more. Join us in our members section for this superb continuation with David Wilcock. .

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