Sylvia Brown chokes / Sago Mine Prediction Pt.1

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After the initial false report that the Sago miners had been found alive Sylvia Brown states live (as the rescue was unfolding) on Coast to Coast AM that she "knew" they would be found alive.

The Audio Clip:

(George) Noory: Of course, this is after the fact, with these twelve of thirteen coal miners that they found successfully.

(Sylvia) Browne: I know.

Noory: Had you been on the program today, and had they not been found, would you have felt as if, because they had heard no sounds, that this was a very gloomy moment, and that they might have all died?

Browne: No, I knew they were going to be found. Uh, you know, I hate people who say something after the fact. It's just like I knew when the Pope was dead and I said it on, thank God I was on Montel's show, and I said, according to the time, it was nine-something and whatever Rome time was, I said he's gone, and he was.

(See Pt.2)

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