The Price of Offshore Revisited Presser 120722 [TAX INJUSTICE NETWORK]

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TAX INJUSTICE NETWORK - The Price of Offshore Revisited Presser

Wealthy tax evaders, aided by private banks have exploited loopholes in tax legislation and stashed over $21 tn in offshore funds, says a report -
There may be as much as $32 trillion of hidden financial assets held offshore by high net worth individuals HNWIs), according to our report The Price of Offshore Revisited 1, which is thought to be the most detailed and rigorous study ever made of financial assets held in offshore financial centres and secrecy structures.
We consider these numbers to be conservative. This is only financial wealth and excludes a welter of real estate, yachts and other non-­‐ financial assets owned via offshore structures. The research for the Tax Justice Network (TJN) by former McKinsey & Co Chief Economist James Henry comes amid growing concerns about an enormous and growing gulf between rich and poor in countries around the globe. Accompanying this research is another study by TJN, entitled Inequality: You Don't Know the Half of It, which demonstrates that all studies of economic inequality to date have failed to account properly for this missing wealth. It concludes that inequality is far worse than we think.

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