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End the Madness Now

Hello dear friends,

The prospects for peace in our world appear to be diminishing with every passing day.

Events in the Middle East are moving on apace - with Muslims reacting violently to the religious war propaganda provocation originating in the USA. Here we have an exercise that is clearly designed to sow enmity between the World's major religions. This comes on top of the West's support for Salafist extremists fighting to topple the Assad regime in Syria. If these extremists win they will go on to slaughter every Syrian Christian: of which there are a great many in Syria, that they can lay their hands on. The western intelligence agencies are fully aware of this possibility. Unbelievably, there are those that want this massacre to happen - because they know such events will usher in a global war that will see milliions killed and, more importantly for them, a blood money fortune made by those whom profit from conflict and death.

Please, do not misunderstand me here folks, I do not support the Assad regime. However, I do understand that: if his demise comes as the result of destabilization by the West, the outcome will not be good for anybody; apart from the banksters and the military industrial complexes.

And it doesn't end there. Western naval power is building up in the Persian Gulf as I write this. The clock is ticking folks. I do not expect to see open warfare break out against Iran until after the election in America but - as you will all appreciate - this doesn't give us much time to get the word out.

And get the word out we must.

If we can get the World to speak with one voice, if we can get the World to agree on just one message: then we can get the World to stand together, and we can put an end to war.

That message is simply this: End the Madness.

Please, do everything that you can to help me get it out there.

Please sign my petition: hosted on, to End the Madness and rid our World of all weapons of mass destruction. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Here's the link:

My very best regards to you all

Peace and love

peter dunn

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