The Most Important Knowledge You would Ever Read Implement and Live up to Forever, 9.34A

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The highest issue in investing: play emotions and the desire – it’s not a statistic, remember. It’s better for you to have 100% on the account, than to enter in one only business which would prove wrong or not-right, because the stakes here are not about the loss of money or others but primarily about the waste of your time/ all the other: is only its element.
Life has got only few opportunities, so it’s worthy to take an advantage of them. It’s not purposeful to throw yourself on everything: if something would be – you would know. Important is only, to make that decision.
In essence: undertakings in which you engage yourself require contact with the members of the team – getting to know their achievements, their capabilities, potential and cluster of others, as when you’re investing in them money – it has to succeed and your goal is, to ensure it as those are your resources/ money.
Investment it’s not something on today, however a long term engagement for years/ even potential decades. If you’re not able to accept it: find another branch as it’s not for everyone/ you have to love it.

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