A Modern Guide to Small Business Accounting Software│Cheyney Group Marketing

In the ultimate irony of business, counting your money is fun but accounting for it isn’t. Fortunately modern accounting software takes most of the pain out of accounting and makes a fast up-to-the minute money count for you too. The problem: how do you pick the program that’s right for you?

First you need to decide whether you want to use cloud-based accounting software or traditional, on-premises software. Online accounting software updates automatically (at no extra charge), and you pay a lower monthly subscription, which reduces your up-front costs and makes predicting expenses easier. You buy traditional, on-premises software outright and install it on your network server or PCs. Although you own it forever, it becomes outdated pretty fast.

Yes, it’s a twist on the lease-versus-buy argument, but when it comes to software, there’s no equity and resale value to consider in the equation. It’s simply a matter of either paying a little every month for the rest of your business’ life or paying a lot at once and owning the software outright—until you pay a lot again for the next upgrade version.

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