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OR Stern Schoolmarm. There are NO second chances. Well, unless you are posting photos or videos or WHATEVER here, at DISCLOSETV. I thought that SEIZURE notice, posted on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, was FOR REAL. I was halfway to the HILLS, Folks....

But then, I said to myself, in order for them to came after ME or anyone else, they would HAVE TO ADMIT that we are on to something....

It would have meant that I was 100% CORRECT, instead of just 110%.....

Read Robert Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, if you have NOT done so already.....

It will give you a perfect example of just WHY no one BORN on the Moon or any other planet in the Solar System could possibly have an EASY life on EARTH. It would be physically IMPOSSIBLE for aliens to stride the Earth without first overcoming tremendous obstacles.

Ask yourself, rather, WHY DON'T WE LIVE IN THE SEA?

For Aliens, it would be comparable to THAT......

And yes, we COULD live at the bottom of the ocean, but just consider all the trouble THAT would be.

Would you want to? Given a choice? Or, would you rather just STAY HOME?

This is TYCHO CRATER, scene of all the IMPOSSIBLE happenings in Heinlein's story.

Why impossible?

Because MAN will NEVER have colonies, PENAL or otherwise, on the Moon.......

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