Aliens living in POWER, right above us, at the top of an intense gravity well....

They can just drop lunar ROCKS upon us and destroy us all with little effort, and minimal expenditure on WEAPONS....

GRAVITY alone can be used to destroy the folk of Earth...

Just toss a few rocks at our major cities and sit back......

An easy victory.

Remember TUNGUSKA?

The meteor EXPLOSION that leveled that Russian forest back at the turn of the century?

WHO is to say that wasn't a demonstration of Lunar Power?

Nikola Tesla had bounced a LASER signal off the surface of the moon not long before the events of Tunguska. He swears he made contact with SOMEONE....

It is said by the surviving witnesses of that morning, one a PRIEST, that a small AIRCRAFT of some kind darted beneath the falling, smoking meteor, shot a LIGHT at it, zipped away and, 500 feet above the ground, the optimal range for something like this to work, BOOM.....!

The explosion leveled the forest for 20 miles around. RADIATION of an unusual kind has caused some of the most bizarre mutations in the still surviving trees and shrubs,,,,,

Who is to say that it was not a warning from the Moon Folk?


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