Really, folks....

This was taken from a photo snapped by an amateur photographer. I decided to go to a non-NASA/ESA/JAXA source, just to see what could be seen. I located TYCHO CRATER, which is easily located, simply look UP at the Moon....

See that spot that seems to RADIATE, at the very bottom of the Moon? That's TYCHO CITY.

They look right at us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIVES.

They have seen our WARS. Our RIOTS. Our silly human vanities.

Our Religions.

Listened to our MUSIC. Observed our Films and have puzzled over our outrageous take on HISTORY.

Our ridiculous, COWARDLY lies about the UNIVERSE, this Solar System, in particular.

Look closely, I swear, at any 9/11 videos and you will see them there, tiny ships darting through the falling debris....

They know that some of us are UNAFRAID.

Just not enough of us.....

Look closely at both photos posted today, you will see that I tell you the TRUTH.


Billions of sophisticated, advanced ALIENS, watching our lives unfold, simply because they can...

They have set us on the course that we are on.

Cities. Societies. Math. Science. Agriculture. Animal Husbandry. Marriage. Children. Politics. Religion.

These are the true TEN COMMANDMENTS.

They want US to be like THEM, or they would never have come down and educated our forebears in these concepts.....

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