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Mount Everest has once again claimed LIVES, the Sacrifice. that Jomolungma demands of those that dare trespass it's jagged slopes. Four intrepid adventures succumbed this time, among the hundreds scrambling towards the summit. A 75 year old woman conquered the top of the world for the second time, breaking her own record set a decade ago. Tamae Watanabe remarked that she finally felt AGE creep into her bones like the unrelenting COLD of her surroundings.

But, despite all the jubilation and tragedy, there is a more important event occurring on the slopes of Everest these days.

The IMJA Glacier has melted, due to Global Warming, into a 1 1/2 mile long frigid LAKE, that is expanding at a rate of 50 meters per year....

World-Famous Polar Swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh dared cross the mind-numbingly cold glacial lake, but far from looking triumphant when he emerged from it's depths, he looked as thoroughly humbled as a villain in church....

Global warming is REAL, man-made or not.

Who would ever think, hearing all the tales of the EXTREME, deadly COLD of Everest, that a MAN could ever swim atop it? In a NATURAL lake?

The people who live below Everest fear FLOODING. folks......

FLOODS that WILL come.

Like in a movie.

In OUR lifetimes.....

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