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WHAT PHOTOSHOP???????? yeah, I read your silly comment....

WHAT PHOTOSHOP???????? yeah, I read your silly comment....

These are the ORIGINAL NASA photos, in sequence, for those of you who would think that I would EVER stoop so low as to fake ANYTHING.......

How many times can a person keep looking at the same photo and logging in with different INANE comments each time?



Thank You.


This has NOTHING, really, to do with ALIENS....

I believe that the spacesuit MALFUNCTIONED.

Now, if the astronaut was actually on the Moon, then he is DEAD, and they just have not informed the public.....

Otherwise, this is a STUDIO shot, and all the Apollo Missions after ELEVEN, the LANDINGS themselves and subsequent photos FAKES.

I think Man was warned AWAY from the Moon during the Apollo Eleven mission....

Just think about it. If that is the SUN in the sky, then the temperature is close to 400 degrees F.

Paper burns at 451 degrees....

Why would these fragile MEN be out is such extreme temperatures?

Why not conduct these site explorations after sundown or before dawn?

No way the suits kept them any cooler than 70-80 degrees, too hot and STUFFY to play around.....

Yet, there are HUNDREDS of photos, likely THOUSANDS of photos, showing just that.

And this guy's suit malfunctions and he waves to the camera...

There is something WRONG with the Apollo Missions.

ESPECIALLY in light of the FACT that ALIENS do indeed live upon the Moon.

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