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What do YOU see? This is either a seafaring contraption of some kind, or a mobile island on Venus....

Venus is right next door. We are exploring asteroid fields millions of miles away, and Venus is just next door....

Something is just not right.....

The man from Venus despaired that Earth had still not found peace. This was in the late 50's. The son of President Eisenhower had contact with this Venusian, this enigmatic EMPLOYEE of the State Department that never aged. Aliens had infiltrated our Government, and were trying to move us all toward PEACE, after the devastation of WW1 and WW2. He spoke of PEACE, he stated that he was encouraged that mankind was at least trying to adhere to the basic logic of Religion, Thou Shalt Not Ki8ll, and all that, but that we still had a long way to go.

He spoke of PEACE. He was saddened that our leaders refused to accept the peaceful, enriching solutions to mankind's problems that the folk of Venus had to offer.

He spoke of PEACE, and he was rejected.

His name was Valient or Valiant Thor.

He went back to Venus a failure.

Kennedy's death was just a few years away......

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