You cannot have it both ways. There was a letter sent, didn't read it, to the "EASY TO SEE buildings on the Moon" photo..

In fact, I deleted it.

But, I will address what I SUPPOSE it had to say, just like the folks who SUPPOSE that they know what they are talking about:

That these photos of mine resemble PIXELS...

You mean to tell me that NASA, on a scientific mission with DIRE implications for mankind, is studying and releasing heavily pixelated images of foreign bodies? Of other worlds?

If these photos are so pixelated, as most of the armchair experts seem to agree, then EVERYTHING would be pixelated, including the BLACK sky...

I I am incorrect, then WHY is the area BELOW, that black hole in the center pixelated and not the black sky above? Why are there no stars in the sky?

Why are some of the "pixelated" areas BLURRED?

Why is there NEVER a disagreement to a photo that has only 50 or so views? Those NEVER get comments.

But just let something start getting a decent amount of VIEWS, and out come the CLAWS....

This is not a popularity contest, is it?

Besides, I don't just post these types of photos. What about the absolutely clear photos of objects at Victoria Crater, on Mars? Take a look at those and see what you have to say, my friends,,,,

Remember: you wanna talk pixels, then the entire photo should then be pixelated...

I mean, HOW would I do it? How would I raise the pixels UP from the image? How would I blur and ERASE certain areas? Look CLOSELY at these photos. There is a whole LOT going on, a hell of a lot more than PIXELS....

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