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I wish these were all just pixels....

I wish I was wrong...

I wish humans truly did have a destiny to conquer all the worlds warmed by our sun...

A Star Trek universe, where all we have to do is reach out and TAKE what we want from amongst the NINE known worlds and their numerous satellites.

Star Trek is the ultimate promise of the implied, but never fully stated mission of NASA:

For MAN to reach out to the heavens and wrestle with God for control.

But, it can NEVER happen, It was NEVER possible, it can never be.

Notice how astronauts always read from the bible when approaching the moon. Just to let the Gods know that we were on our way....

These are NOT pixels. These are buildings on the moon.

Pixels do not cast SHADOWS, all you doubting thomases, looking for a way out of the scariest thoughts of your life.

We are not alone. They will not attack us. I do not believe that they are waiting for us to get stronger, they would have had their way with our ancestors long ago...

Have you ever heard a tale of aliens ATTACKING, in the dim past?

No. And you would never hear such a tale.

Because, we would all never have been born in the first place.....

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