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More Olympic Symbolism???

More Olympic Symbolism???

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Fire Garden at StonehengeFire Garden at Stonehenge
Compagnie Carabosse
10 July - 12 Jul
Carabosse will fan the flames of our imaginations with an elemental Fire Garden at Stonehenge.

Check this photo link out and read the caption that is underneath it above.
Or better yet got to this site and see it yourself.
I don't know if I posted this right but go to this link or site and check out the fire program going on for the Olympics at Stone Henge.
Kind of a strange thing to do for the Olympics.

Carabosse is the Wicked witch in Sleeping Beauty and other tales.

So the companies name is basically Carabosse Company

This is one of their excerpts from their strange website "" translated on Google Translate from French:

"On the occasion of his frequent trips, Compagnie Carabosse weasel in city neighborhoods and towns to find the locations of future ad hoc performances. This is where he happens to meet some local figures who, way they are in cahoots with his universe. Seeking how to recognize these singular humanities without disfiguring them, Carabosse has invited the "Lit" to push open the door of their exceptionally secret gardens. "

Symbolism, maybe, not sure, but very strange indeed to stage the following event at Stonehenge.

Here is their explanation of the show they are doing for the Olympics called "Installation de Feu" or "Installation of fire" again translated by Google:

"Beyond its technical and visual, an "Installation of Fire" is a meeting people, finding a place.
There are all sorts of places, some are magic without us, others will. We try not to spoil the first to upset the second. Still others go up in smoke even before you arrive, but it is much rarer. The meeting with people, it is what makes us tick. Already we can show our work, and it's very nice. And then we go 3, 4, 9, 12 ... days on site, it creates neighborhood ties, curiosity, chat. Trade levels are varied, but all are marked with sincerity. Night lighting, the overnight visitors discover the neighborhood regulars finally realizing ... The eyes sparkle, the questions pop up, open minds, let in the images, emotions and feelings out, poetry , the unsaid."

I haven't seen much about the Olympic conspiracies lately so I thought I would throw this in to see what people think and what might be resurrected.

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