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GOD is Madder than a Modified Hornet's Nest PT 3 of 5

GOD is Madder than a Modified Hornet's Nest PT 3 of 5


Churches today are becoming more and more ecumenical, embracing the New Age interfaith agenda, and denying Christ as the only way to salvation. Giving in to the politically correct media and a corrupt society, they have embrace homosexuality as an acceptable alternate lifestyle and preach tolerance and compromise in place of God’s truth for the salvation of the world. The environmentalist movement within the New Age movement lures them into a worship of mother earth, belief in past lives, reincarnation, and Karma while demonizing all those who would eat the meat God gave us as nourishment for our bodies.
Religious persecution is on the increase by not only other religious affiliations who disagree with opposite doctrines but even governments are posing as threats to Believers.

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