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They call it "The God Particle". There is a REASON for that. It is the only MEANING given to the long sought for particle that any two physicists can agree upon.

Go on. Ask any two physicists to describe what the Higgs Boson particle is, and you will get two distinctly different answers. Which means that the smartest men in the world cannot agree on a simple definition that would explain exactly WHAT they up to.

Okay, they discover the mysterious God particle, but to what end? What do we need such discoveries for?

To build a better BOMB?

Scientists all over the world waited in absolute DREAD when the A-Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. They expected the entire Earth would go up in flames, for no one knew just exactly what the final results of the detonation would be.

Would the very atmosphere catch on FIRE? The smartest men in the world believed that it was entirely possible.

Scientists of today had the same fear when CERN first fired up their 20 million dollar Hadron Collider, a Particle Accelerator, located 100 meters DOWN and midway between the borders of Switzerland and France.

People expected the place to be vaporized...

Opposing particles hurled at impossible speeds, accelerated beyond the very speed of light, thrown together at the last instant in a spectacular BLAST not seen since the BIG BANG.

Which is the point. The Higgs Boson particle is responsible for the genesis of MATTER.

The fact that anything exists at all beyond the moment of the Big Bang is the effect that has been observed. The Higgs Boson is the CAUSE that has not been discovered.

Until now. They say....

Once again, Man tampering with the unknown...

Well, no two scientists could agree upon the Theory of Relativity when Einstein first proposed it...

The God particle. That tiny speck that contains the seed of all MATTER.

That which makes what is, IS....

At least, this is how ONE physicist explained the Higgs Boson to me. I didn't get a second opinion.....

Oh, and a BOSON, is the TYPE of particle that they are searching for, as I understand it..

Higgs is Peter Higgs, the man who first wrote about the manner to go about discovering it....

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