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the following is from rhe youtube uploader who took the counts;his video url -


24.07μSv/hr (240x yes that's right 240x) above normal background radiation. WTF!!!! See below.

2.753μSv/h (27x) 953cpm using the standardised 1square meter swipe
My normal background 34-35cpm or 0.07 to 0.1μSv/hr
Time: 07:00hrs GMT
Date: 7th July 2012
Location: South Hams, South Devon, England. Rain swipe off car.
Geiger counter: Inspector EXP+

Info: More rain!
I was awoken just as it was getting light by a thunderous noise which was the path outside my house being subjected to a flash floods. That's what happens when the council planners make the great decision to divert the natural course of a stream 17years ago. Anyway after the worst of it and checking on my older neighbours because some of their houses were flooded a little. The rain eased so time for a swipe.

At 05:50hrs I took a swipe from the car, the standard 1square meter. This swipe measured 11x (388cpm)

Later I took my Geiger counter outdoors for some outdoor fun & to take some measurements. I didn't do this video because of some trolls had asked me too (who cares about them). They didn't believe my results in previous videos and had asked me to show the actual swipe off the car to the actual measuring. My measurements are honest & truthful and you either believe them or you do not believe them, your choice I don't care. I know I am not faking anything. I do apologise for the shaky camera work, bit difficult with a large Geiger counter under ones arm pit trying to keep it dry and not drop it nor my mobile phone while I do the swipes. When the camera goes black that is just me putting my mobile phone in my pocket to free up a hand for a few seconds.

This video is dedicated to the world for a wake call to the rising radiation levels and therefore some way get an understanding of radioactive fallout from Fukushima. Also I deticate this to Christina Consolo aka RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation & Ray Masalas aka Radiation Watch for their great work and all the other members in the groups all around the world.

The reason why I am in sandals is because I don't own Wellington boots haha and my biker boots got soaked earlier. I don't recommend standing in runoff from the hills above after days of rain. My feet and/or my saddles were around 70-80cpm. Not good. Bring on the baking soda.
You will see that just from a spot measurement from the car (not a swipe) the car was 4.5x above background levels (around 140-150cpm). Next I took a 1 squared metered swipe and measured that. The came in at 2.753μSv/h (27x) 953cpm.

After I take the 1st rain swipe I decide to just for fun seeing as I was outdoors (in the field so to speak) to see what the readings would be if I used the same towel and wiped a bit more of the car down. I took three addition swipes after the 1st.

The results are and they get crazier & more extreme with each swipe. And I didn't go over the top with the additional swipes.
1st swipe = 2.753μSv/h (27x) 953cpm
2nd swipe = 5.130μSv/hr (51x)
3rd swipe = 15.17μSv/hr (150x)
4th swipe = 24.07μSv/hr (240x above normal background radiation)

Please note that only with the 2nd, 3rd & 4th swipe did I squeeze out any rain water from the towel. In previous experiments I have ascertained that the amount of liquid that can be squeezed from two man size Kleenex tissues is between 15-20mls of rain water. The 1st swipe the car was very dry and as I filmed you can see it start to rain, Assuming that each squeezed swipe produced 15ml of water that means that the total amount of rain water that produced this staggering 24.07μSv/hr (240x background) was from only 45ml of water. That is absolutely a drop in the ocean and one could quite easily get caught out in the rain and be exposed to much much more that 45mls of water. Your clothes would soak that up very easily.

This 24.07μSv/hr has taken nearly 7 hours to decay back to around normal levels. I could not obtain a half life from this sample as I believe it contained more than one isotope and they were all decaying at there own rates.

I am quite sure if I wiped all of my car down maybe 75-100ml of rain water the levels would be greater still than that of 240x

So I hope this video shows how dangerous and how much radiation from fallout one CAN be exposed to and therefore great precaution should be taken when out in the rain. And please don't forget because of Fuckushima the radiation that it is spreading around the world is not going to stop. So each and every day there will be more and more radioactive isotopes up in the atmosphere than the day before.

Stay out of the rain & peace.
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