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Olympian Trinity PT 3 of 3

Olympian Trinity PT 3 of 3


Appropriately named “Legion” was parts of Rome, but I think it proper considering it is full of the demonic elite!
“London shall mourn for the death of 20,000. And the river Thames shall turn to blood.”
Merlin predicts the effects would lasts for months, the radio-activity would contaminate the seas around.

The scales of Libra will hang awry until Aries props them up with its curving horns.
The tail of Scorpio shall generate lightning, and Cancer will fight with the Sun.
Virgo shall climb on back of Sagittarius and so let droop its maiden blossoms.
The Moons chariot shall run amok in the Zodiac; the Pleiades will burst into tears. None of these will return to the duty expected of it.

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