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The ANASAZI of the American Southwest built cities that looked curiously like the "craters" on the Moon...

They are another Ancient Culture that just upped and disappeared one day, leaving behind GLYPHS, but no written language...

What do you suppose they were trying to tell THE FUTURE? How do you interpret EVERYTHING incorporated into a work of art that may have taken a few hundred years to complete? Generations of humans scratching into the flat sides of this monolith...

Wind, rain, storm, tornado, heat, cold, WAR, even modern vandalism, this message has more than withstood the test of time.

But, like with any message passed down through time and completed by diverse hands, the MEANING would get lost in translation.

That is, if anyone alive could translate it.

There is a reason the people of Mexico speak SPANISH.

The victorious Christians wiped out all traces of the Aztec, Toltec, Mayan, etc. languages...

They went on a hell-bent crusade in the Southwest, which they considered to be the most WILD and PAGAN place left yet on Earth....

The catholic priests saw strange things carved into the sides of the cliffs in the Mexican desert. Terrifying images that they smashed out of existence, some they had to PAINT over, for no amount of violence could completely destroy glyphs such as the ones you see in the photo above....

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