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The OLMEC culture that flourished untold THOUSANDS of years ago in the Tabasco region of Mexico is likely the oldest Ancient Culture discovered thus far, likely far older than that of the Egyptians or even that of Puma Punku.

There is no explanation for the GIANT Olmec Heads nor the entire Olmec culture.. The only CERTAIN conformation about them is that, although the NEGROID features of the basalt heads have been conveniently explained away time and again, for some pretty far-fetched reasons, recent Russian computer studies of the heads positively identify the heads as having EVERY KNOWN NEGROID feature.

The EYES and NOSES had been attributed to an early possibly ASIAN culture, but the lips and cranial shape were incorrect....

The Olmec culture pre-dates that of the Maya, Aztec, Toltec....

How ANCIENT? Try 30,000 years, possibly...!

The surviving tales of the Olmecs themselves indicate that they believed that they were assisted by giant BLACK Aliens from Saturn's inner Moon TITAN....

If they ever come BACK, I see trouble.....

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