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ALIEN ASTRONAUTS the missing APOLLO 11 tapes

ALIEN ASTRONAUTS the missing APOLLO 11 tapes

How many of you out there are aware that NASA has LOST the original Apollo 11 Moon Walk footage?

The most important event in Human History, the accomplishments of so many THOUSANDS of dedicated individuals, the successful mission that made MAN, for the first time a multi-planet race....LOST, misplaced...ERASED?

Well, here is WHY. This is an ENHANCED still that was produced from the degraded imagery NASA still has on hand....

Does this Astronaut look even remotely HUMAN?

The DOGON, a tribe from Africa that appears to have been contacted by Alien Emissaries, described those aliens as being extremely UGLY and fish-faced......

NASA stated in 2009 that the missing tapes had been located, they were certain, and would be released with greatly enhanced audio and video....It has been THREE years, going on FOUR now....

WHAT happened?

Were our astronauts REPLACED by the Moon Folk?

Are the men that we sent UP, the same men that RETURNED?

ANYTHING is possible, folks....

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