Would it be so surprising to learn that there is an entire complex here in the depths of the Baltic Sea?

NOT at all impossible, just look at YONAGUNI in Japan.

And SANDSTONE, which this sunken object has been verified to be composed of, used to be the building material of choice in the oh-so-long-ago.....

NASA has abandoned Space for The Sea. There are NASA Sea Habitats in the oceans and seas around the world? WHY?

Just anticipate a very WET future folks. It has been estimated that New York City will start seeing yearly flooding within the next 15-20 years....

When I lived in Los Angeles, it flooded every year in Santa Monica. I once stepped off a bus during a storm on Wilshire Boulevard, into a puddle that came up to my KNEES, and I'm a tall bastard.....

Today the Baltic Sea. Tomorrow San Francisco.

We are on track for that to truly happen. Just remember New Orleans, which is CERTAIN to sink in the future.

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