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TYCHO BRAHE, the observational genius that Tycho Crater is named after, was one of histories Bad Boys, Super-intellectual Party Animal would be a light description of this towering figure from history.

He had a Golden NOSE, the result of a duel fought when he was younger, over who was the smartest man in the room. It was TYCHO, but he lost his nose proving it......

There is a crater named for him on the Moon.

He partied so much, ate, drank, made merry to such an extent that he knew that he could NEVER put his observations on the motions of the planets to any practical use, publish them in any rational, coherent form. For that, he needed the SERVICES of another mind widely considered a rival to his own.

To bring it all together, he needed Johannes Kepler.

Being men of like mind, they fought like dogs and distrusted the other entirely, neither wanting to give the other credit for the new discoveries and applications they were achieving, neither wanting to let the other in on the mathematical computations locked within their brows....

Alas, one night TYCHO over-partied and developed a urinary tract infection, the result of having placed a bet with a rival Duke over who could drink the most wine without having to take a bathroom break. Once again, TYCHO was triumphant, but paid a price, this time his LIFE....

On his deathbed, he bequeathed all of his work to KEPLER, which allowed Kepler to make the breakthrough discoveries on the elliptical, not circular, orbits of the planets around the Sun.....

Tycho, as he lie dying, prayed over and over again that he not have lived in vain....

Over and over again, for several DAYS, he repeated. "Please let me not have lived in Vain..."

As you can see above, answered prayers are usually the WORST, for people live in Tycho Crater.....

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