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Scientists are in the possession of the body of an alien?

Scientists are in the possession of the body of an alien?


Washington (USA) – According to the American UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer will be a group of U.S. scientists and physicians in the possession of the corpse, apparently of extraterrestrial origin.

As Greer in his blog ( drgreersblog.disclosureproject.org ) explains, the physician and emergency physician Dr. Jan Bravo civilian group of people who might have recovered the alien's body and stored, have already visited and view the body and even the first time to investigate. The body is currently owned by a private institution, whose name and location so far from safety could not be posted. More extensive studies are planned, however.

Appealing to Bravo, says Greer, that it is indeed a "real body" Act, and it was not a plastic model or a man-made dummy: "We have also been X-rays are present this system and can use this to say that it is not for a copy of Homo sapiens that is a modern human or hominid known acts. "

Before, however, would present the body of the public, this will be investigated in detail and professionally. These projects belong to a comprehensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a complete DNA analysis, and a C14-dating and other isotope analyzes, however, so far as they could not yet be fully funded.

"Before we present the body as that which he seems to be, we must exclude, however, can see that there is not another hominid, or a bizarre genetic defect of a human act," said Greer, and continues: "It is quite Ensure that there is a biological body and is actually still is, for what we currently hold. "

At the same time Greer combines his information with a request for additional funds for the financing of a Dokumenationsfilm project titled "Sirius" ( www.sirius.neverendinglight.com ), in which he and his colleagues and the best part yet unpublished evidence to assemble, the extraterrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon and free energy. With parts of the donations will also be carried out not only the planned analyzes, but their results are also shown in the documentary, to be his debut as early as next December (2012). Should be carried out this investigation of the possible extraterrestrial body of Dr. Bravo, Dr. Greer and Dr. Ted Loder himself, his character Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire, added by other experts who want to remain anonymous at present.

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