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Isn't this incredible? This is on the Far Side, just below the anomaly known as "THE SHARD".....

Look CLOSE.......use both eyes and all senses...

An AIRBASE on the far side of the Moon, or a CITY on the far side of the Moon that resembles an Earthly Airbase....

Like this one, in ATHENS, Greece.

People DO live on the Moon. Holy HELL, Eh?

We are in a NEW AGE folks. But just us Earth Folk. The rest of the Solar System turned on, tuned in and dropped out LONG ago....

Just imagine all the SECRET shit that goes on around our dumb heads and blind eyes. So, THIS is where all the money goes....

HA! To the RICH FOLK of this world. Just when they got us ALL in line, hooked on ENERGY, hooked on CREDIT, pure AIR, till the day we die, a plan that took nearly 400 years to bring to fruition, along come ALIENS on the Moon and throughout the Solar System. They are no longer the ultimate power, and they known for CERTAIN.

The rest of US just need to wake up to the FACT....

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