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BULLETIN - Space Alien Captured On White House Lawn

BULLETIN - Space Alien Captured On White House Lawn


Sunday, August 12, 2012 at 23:59p.m. alarms throughout Washington DC sounded as a ufo craft landed on the white house front lawn. One extraterrestrial being was captured, and about 58 to 60 extraterrestrial creatures made it back into the ufo as the craft took off in speeds unknown to modern science. 856 U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine fighter jets were scrambled but not able to match the speed of the ufo.
There were over 150 thousand witnesses at the event. The name of the gentleman who captured the extraterrestrial creature is being withheld and will be interrogated by throughout the night and for the next three months or so by the official "Men in Black" at Groom Lake, NV which houses in underground bunkers which are said to be 25 to 30 miles beneath the surface of the grounds of Groom Lake and Area 51.
Also in the (JPG) photo is a proster (one of over 150,000 persons who Police say were protesting gender bender child birth) All 150 thousand witnesses were flown to Area 51, and Groom Lake, Nevada by U.S. Navy C-130 aircraft.
The white house Police said no news reports, or white house news briefings will be given untill November 07, 2012 and all military and cubscout units will remain on high allert. The U.S. Gov tried to take control of thousands of photographs from the white house staff members, thousands of tourist, and persons of the male gender who were protesting the right to male childbirth. Story and photo by Susan Smith owner of news headlines at

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