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  • Technothanks#

    Technothanks September 3, 2012 10:58:36 AM CEST

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. All that MOOLAH for this? Have you also noticed that each individual planet, according to NASA, has it's own color scheme? RED for Mars, Gray/Green for the Moon, GREEN for Venus, Orange for IO, even Red for Phobos...? The very hues ascribed to them in the Science Fiction movies and novels, just as we are conditioned to see.....

    NASA always crows that they have the finest photographic equipment in existence, then produces MUSH. Read about how NASA was nearly SUED by the three great television networks of the sixties: ABC, CBS and NBC over the quality of the Moonwalk Broadcast. Hasselblad Cameras also protested the quality of the photographs. These firms provided NASA with top notch, fail-proof film and equipment and were rewarded with historic photos and films of embarrassing quality...

    The entire human race has been brow-beaten into believing that life cannot possibly exist outside the confines of Earth. It is the greatest con job in history, the only real CONSPIRACY there is, and it has been attained ONLY through the co-operation of every government in the world.....

    And, of course, NASA, which has, so far, not found a single MICROBE of life anywhere, yet places all astronauts returning from the Moon into deep QUARANTINE....

  • Spikey#

    Spikey September 3, 2012 3:53:42 AM CEST

    Not sure about the UFOs...but i WOULD like to know how a $2.5 BILLION Mars mission, in the technological 21st century, can return such CRAP quality images.

    Blurry...pixelated...colours off...noisy...grainy..shite. These are supposed to be pin sharp, ultra technological - cutting edge, astounding images, or certainly should be, so how is it, any one of us, could produce better quality images with a cheap digicam cable tied to cheap remote controlled toy car than these shit photos.

    This thing is right there on the frigging ground! Images from fucking orbiters have more clarity and quality than these have!

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