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Well, folks, do you think I need some HELP? Am I crazy?

Do you DARE to enlarge this photo 200-400% and take a good look at THOUSANDS of Alien Buildings? You won't see PEOPLE, though, just as you would not see people on the streets in the cities of Earth from the height.

Don't believe me? Go to any old CLEAR, crisp aerial photo of New York City, Boston or San Francisco from the same altitude and prove me wrong.

THIS IS A CITY ON MERCURY. You doubters, you that make comments, but never post ANYTHING positive, this one will shut you the hell up once and for all. I'm going GHETTO and daring you to MAN UP, and take as close a look as you like. I'll wait....

Hey, life exists EVERYWHERE, folks. This is a crowded Solar System. There is no WHERE to go for us, so we better start taking better care of Earth. NASA has traded space exploration for Ocean/Sea exploration.

They are just trying to STAY AFLOAT. Congress slashes NASA's budget every few years. Space Exploration is DEADER than Rock and Roll.

NASA says they are just getting astronauts ready for life in a hostile environment. OKAY, But....

The atmosphere of Mars is THIN. The atmosphere of the Moon is THIN....I have NEVER heard that astronauts are EVER going to walk the surfaces of any other planet. Venus has crushing heat and atmospheric pressure...MERCURY is just too damn HOT, might as well try to walk on the Sun....

The Moons Of Saturn? They say that the radiation would fry us. The Jovian moons? IO? Callisto? Io has a volcano that spews a poisonous blue cloud constantly across the surface...Callisto is said to be ICE....

Asteroids? Don't make me laugh. That will NEVER happen. I don't care what PHONY little movies NASA shows on their site.

So, WHY is NASA preparing their intrepid astronauts for life in a THICK atmosphere, like the bottom of the sea? Yes, they can simulate weightlessness, but, only if you go down JUST so far.....

No, NASA is exploring LIFE underwater because THAT is the future that man MUST face, there is no escape. The rich folk ain't scampering off to the Moon or Mars as Science Fiction would have it. We are stuck here.

Our Great Grandchildren will begin to live on the water. Market Street in San Francisco will be drowned under the waves...

And there will STILL be unexplained UFOS in the skies, if NASA and the governments of the world get to go on having their way. History shows that they most likely WILL....

We HAVE to accept that LIFE exists elsewhere, folks. A great astronomer, CHRISTIAAN HUYGENS, said long ago that, if religious folk believe in GOD, if they believe that GOD is great and is the creator of ALL, every moon and star in the heavens, then WHY would he create so much and leave man with so little?

Well, he said SOMETHING like that, anyway....

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