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THE HILL CITIES of MARS     The Dogs Bark


They live as we do. All is at peace on Mars....If the God of War has deigned to turn a blind eye towards Mars, then we must have hope that he will eventually do the same HERE.....

Such CRAZINESS, according to some of the duller minds that tune in to DISCLOSETV. I could call names and rage at the idiots, the blind fools...

What? We don't have the right to discuss the POSSIBILITY of LIFE on other worlds without some CLOWN making snide remarks? Don't these characters realize that they are the shit flinging MONKEYS in the Tarzan movie? The idiot in the crowd eating a fried RAT on a stick while watching men BURN for their convictions?

It is ALWAYS those that haven't got a thing to show you but their ASSES, which they are so desperate to have filled....

The Arab Merchants had a saying that summed it all up:

"The dogs bark, but the Caravan moves on...."

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