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A HERO Neil Armstrong

A HERO Neil Armstrong

This one strikes deep....A great hero has passed today, one of the only real, true heroes of the sixties...

Neil Armstrong took the FINAL giant leap today at age 82, the result of complications of heart bypass surgery....

I know where I was the day that he took that FIRST step on the moon. I was sitting next to my mother on the couch, pretending to be sick that, I think, Wednesday, playing HOOKY from tutoring at fricken Summer School, because I just HAD to see it for myself...!

I just had to see that ship land on the moon, the door open and someone climb out and take that first step...Who knew WHAT would happen?

I can't tell you how sad this all of a sudden makes me. I really don't care what secrets of the moon he took with him, none of that matters, in the final analysis, anyway.

Neil was a true gentleman and scholar, and I hope his soul travels closely past the moon on it's way to the outer reaches of the galaxy....

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