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SEAL BEACH mars curiosity

SEAL BEACH mars curiosity


  • Technothanks#

    Technothanks September 5, 2012 12:54:37 AM CEST

    I compare THEIR interest in US to any American's interest in a newly discovered tribe in the Congo....

    We are old news to them, and not very interesting. Every Martian schoolchild is aware that there is life on Earth. Only the most wealthy and intrepid Martians, Mercurians, Venusians or Titans, including their scientists, would ever care to check us out.

    We are a mere tourist attraction, and that's the truth.

  • angel6#

    angel6 September 4, 2012 6:33:36 PM CEST

    Time fo a real contact with all the folks on Earth and a landing in full view of all,my neck is getting sore looking up.Angel6.

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