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WHO ya gonna believe? Some human being, just like YOU, doing their best to inform you that EVERYTHING is a LIE, an illusion enforced by the WINNERS, or a are you more inclined to accept the veracity of a CORPORATION that tells you that, in all their journeys across countless asteroids, moons and planets, that they have not found a single shred of evidence that points to LIFE existing anywhere else but on earth?

Not a blade of GRASS? Not a speck of MOSS on a rock on Mars? NASA found MOSS on the moon, I showed several photos a few years ago, but nothing has come of it, naturally....

NOTHING? To believe in a GOD that creates so much NOTHINGNESS? Even on worlds with all the right stuff, like TITAN, ENCELADUS, MARS, VENUS.....PLUTO, nothing exists....

That is the scariest thought of ALL, it is just like DEATH, and we accept it with the same HUMDRUM emotions...I guess it is just enough to accept the unreality of everyday life on Earth.....

Well, NASA certainly hid this CITY on Mars. They do NOT want us to believe in LIFE on other planets. I KNOW that NASA was not formed to discover whether life exists out there, they were created SOLELY to get MAN to the Moon, but NEITHER were they created to cover-up and obfuscate the TRUTH!

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