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See how easy it is? I just switched from ABSOLUTE to real...This is a real city in Mars, folks...

What do you think? I make this stuff up?

You want to check my work, all you gotta do is take the time to really look. I usually post several different photos from the same source. It doesn't flicker by your eye in a split second, like those Youtube videos. I invite close inspection.

Look, folks, I wouldn't waste my time with this stuff if it wasn't real, whether I am CRAZY or not. Don't crazy people have more to do than look for aliens? I'll know when I'm crazy....that will be when I start to VOTE for one idiot or another...

What has OBAMA done for you, any of you, Republican, Democrat or whatever useless little group is out there sucking at that public teat? What has he done? I mean it! I got nothing against the man, he is gearing up for his second act of NOTHING, like the guy at work that sleeps in the broom closet. If he worked for me, I'd FIRE him, just for the hell of it, and I sorta LIKE the guy.

If you've ever been the manager of a fast food joint with a problem employee, you know what I'm talking about....

...Fire him, just to see the look on his face....

Um...Oh, Yeah! This is a CITY on Mars......

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