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CENSORED ALIEN BUILDING curiosity Gale Crater life

CENSORED ALIEN BUILDING curiosity Gale Crater life

Incredibly sophisticated HOUSES, HOMES, BUILDINGS line every inch of the rim surrounding Gale "CRATER"...

It is NOT a crater! Why is every world but Earth CRATERED, folks? How can that possibly be? How can the Moon, so much smaller than the Earth, be riddled with impact craters, and Earth, a much larger target directly in line with the moon, remain to this very day unscathed?

These are not craters, not on any world, really. They are CITIES. Gale Crater is a vast city and we do not have a rover called "curiosity" crawling across the ground there. NASA can do anything they like with these photos, it is so easy to cause you to see NOTHING...

How hard would it be to put TRACKS on the ground, nowadays? Look at THE MOVIES. Simple.

TRACKS are the only proof they have. Just think about it. How hard would it be to fake tracks rolling across a dry surface?

Remember, NASA technology is at least 10-15 years ahead of what is available to the public, even the movie makers of Hollywood...

We have tiny flying CAMERAS, hopefully undetectable by the Martians, gathering INTELLIGENCE. I just cannot believe that we have ever touched the ground on Mars....I just can't believe it, at least, NOT HERE....

NASA is mankind's most extensive SPY missions, nothing more..NASA complains that they get less and less money each go round, but they are doing relatively less and less....

All they have to do is take and fake photographs. NEVER film! NEVER SOUND! Wouldn't you like to, by NOW, 50 frickken years later, HEAR what Mars sounds like? SEE a color movie taken by one of the "rovers"?

What kind of FAKE shit are we paying them for?

Oh, yeah. BLURRED photographs.

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